Press Release

State Partnership Drives Handtevy Adoption in Indiana, Enhancing Lifesaving Emergency Response for EMS
04 Sun, 2024

The EMS Division of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security and Handtevy launch a transformative initiative to enhance advanced life…

Press Release | 01 Fri, 2022

After an extensive evaluation process, the Virginia Department of Health, Office of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has chosen to offer the Handtevy suite of lifesaving tools to EMS agencies in the state.

Press Release | 04 Tue, 2021

Handtevy has partnered with the Utah Emergency Services for Children’s program to provide their groundbreaking Handtevy resuscitation system to all EMS agencies in the state.

Press Release | 04 Thu, 2017

ESO Electronic Health Record (EHR) now delivers seamless integration of pediatric dosing and equipment information directly into the medical record, thanks to a partnership with Handtevy.

Press Release | 10 Fri, 2015

Pediatric Emergency Standards Inc., creator of the Handtevy System, the revolutionary pediatric resuscitation system, wins an EMS Top Innovation Award for e-Handtevy Mobile, which was recently unveiled at EMS World Expo 2015 in Las Vegas.

Press Release | 01 Fri, 2015

The SC Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) EMS for Children program today provided twelve Emergency Medical Service (EMS) agencies from across the state with pediatric response bags and training essential to quickly responding to critically injured infants and children.

Press Release | 01 Tue, 2015

Paramedics attribute save to high quality training and the newly adopted Handtevy™ Pediatric Resuscitation System. When seconds matter, Coral Springs paramedics stay on scene to revive pediatric patients in cardiac arrest.