Handtevy Pediatric Dosing System Wins 2015 EMS World Top Innovation Award [Pediatric Emergency Standards, Inc.]

Handtevy Pediatric Dosing System Wins 2015 EMS World Top Innovation Award [Pediatric Emergency Standards, Inc.]


FORT LAUDERDALE, FL — Pediatric Emergency Standards Inc., creator of the Handtevy System, the revolutionary pediatric resuscitation system, wins an EMS Top Innovation Award for e-Handtevy Mobile, which was recently unveiled at EMS World Expo 2015 in Las Vegas.

This is the second win for Pediatric Emergency Standards, as they scored the same award in 2013 for the Handtevy Pediatric Box.

Pediatric Emergency Standards created the e-Handtevy platform to meet the overwhelming demand of a mobile-focused society. With an app-driven mindset making its way into every industry across the globe, e-Handtevy Mobile affords first responders and other medical personnel the ability to act quickly without sacrificing quality of care in pediatric emergency situations.

“As a company, we are not only dedicated to delivering best-of-breed care regarding pediatric EMS, but also to providing constant innovation and thought leadership in the industry,” said Dr. Peter Antevy, founder, Pediatric Emergency Standards, Inc.. “We are grateful for the recognition. Thank you to the judges and congratulations to the impressive roster of peers we are fortunate enough to be recognized with.”

The e-Handtevy system is the first of its kind to utilize customized medication dosing on a mobile platform that can then integrate seamlessly into the patient’s medical record. Pre-hospital providers as well as hospital teams can now provide rapid and accurate dosing, while documenting their care in real time.

e-Handtevy Mobile pricing and general availability will be announced in December 2015. For more information please visit www.Handtevy.com or call (866) 867-3192.

About Pediatric Emergency Standards

The Handtevy is a revolutionary pediatric resuscitation system that combines customization, consultation, education and organization to empower healthcare providers to rapidly and accurately respond to any pediatric call with ease and confidence. The proprietary customizable, age-based system minimizes medical errors, increases patient safety and renews provider confidence. Handtevy’s mission is to advance the quality of pediatric emergency medical care to all sick and injured children by providing customized resuscitation strategies across all medical specialties irrespective of the treatment location.

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