Handtevy Mobile for EMS

Handtevy Mobile for EMS

Now you can treat every critically ill or injured child and adult on scene quickly, effectively, and with confidence.

Modernizing Emergency Treatment for Children and Adults

Treating the emergent patient is difficult and time sensitive for even the most advanced healthcare provider. Handtevy Mobile gives clinical teams rapid access to lifesaving information proven to save lives and reduce errors.

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Driving Fast and Precise Emergency Care

First on scene means you have the greatest impact on a person’s life. Be ready with access to Handtevy Mobile’s core, essential, lifesaving features at your fingertips.

Rapid Dosing in Volume

Handtevy Mobile puts your organization’s formulary at your fingertips. Customized to align to your protocols, simply select the child’s age, weight, or length and Handtevy instantly displays the correct volume dose, equipment sizing, and drip information.


Now your crews can easily access protocols without ever leaving Handtevy Mobile. Protocol specific medications are displayed by etiology, and the PDF is only one click away. This makes organization-wide updates timely and seamless.


This new feature ensures that frontline personnel address critically important tasks in real-time. Each checklist can be configured specifically to your organization’s guidelines.

CPR Assist

CPR Assist supports high performance teams during cardiac arrests by providing agency specific timers and audio-visual cues that can guide treatment and reassessment. CPR metrics immediately improve with this one-of-a-kind metronome.


Handtevy Connect and Contacts

Streamline medical communications for instant access to essential contacts, vital hospital details, and navigation directions for the quickest route. Efficiently manage your directory to ensure your team has the information they need when they need it.

The Handtevy System

Handtevy is dedicated to advancing the quality of pediatric and adult emergency medical care. Our customized resuscitation strategies, tailored app configurations, and hands-on training are built to help your team deliver improved outcomes.

Agency Customization

Handtevy Mobile is not just an app, it’s a clinical tool built for customization around your agency’s needs. Work alongside Handtevy’s medical professionals to make Handtevy Mobile work for you.

Seamless Integration

On scene treatments should be administered and documented once. Thanks to our integration partnerships, all documented items in Handtevy seamlessly crossover to leading ePCR platforms via our cloud-based API.

Tailored Training & Continuing Education

Onboard your team using Handtevy’s customized training sessions and specialized continuing education classes for all of your frontline personnel. Learn More


Once your Handtevy Mobile application has been customized, build your program as you see fit. Select the Handtevy pediatric backpack to help your teams rapidly locate lifesaving equipment, print hard copy guides, and more. Learn More

Ongoing Support

Your Handtevy experience is always a top priority for our team and our mission driven Handtevy Support Team is standing by to assist you.

Experience the Power of Handtevy Mobile

Handtevy Mobile, compatible with any iOS, Android, or Windows device, delivers vital patient care functionalities without the need for continuous internet connectivity. Cellular service is only required when synchronizing data to the cloud post-care delivery.

Join Handtevy’s Statewide and Regional Deployments

We invite you to explore more about our regional and statewide deployments of Handtevy Mobile. These comprehensive implementations are transforming emergency care, enhancing clinical efficiency, and significantly improving patient outcomes across large geographies. By exploring these deployments, you’ll gain valuable insights into how Handtevy Mobile could be leveraged within your own area to drive a higher standard of care. Don’t miss this opportunity to see the profound impact that our solution is having on a large scale.

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