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Can Handtevy Mobile be for pediatric and adult populations?

Yes, absolutely! Handtevy is the national leader in point-of-care emergency technology that delivers lifesaving information for both pediatric and adult patients when time is critical. Handtevy Mobile provides clinicians with access to accurate medication dosing, equipment sizing, CPR timers, protocol sets, and point-of-care checklists for every patient.

Do I need WiFi to use Handtevy Mobile?

After the initial download, the basic functionality of the app does not require a WiFi connection, which means you can use it offline. However, to transmit records to your ePCR (Electronic Patient Care Report), an active WiFi connection is necessary. This is to ensure that data can be transferred securely and reliably.

Can I purchase Handtevy Mobile for my personal device?

Handtevy Mobile is an enterprise application and not designed for individual purchase. Once your organization has granted you access, you can use Handtevy Mobile on any personal device. Each Handtevy Mobile account is tailored to adhere to the formularies and protocols of the associated organization and is approved for use by the respective administration.

What platforms does Handtevy Mobile integrate with?
  • Handtevy Mobile seamlessly integrates with the leading electronic patient recording platforms to provide real-time documentation of interventions, improving patient outcomes and operational efficiency.  Our integration partners are:
    • ESO Solutions
    • Imagetrend Elite
    • Zoll
    • DocuMed
    • First Due
    • EPR Systems
    • Zoi
    • Beyond Lucid
    • MetroPCR
    • TripTix
    • EMScharts
For pediatric medication dosing, is weight estimation based on age or length?

The Handtevy System is a hybrid system, based on BOTH age and length. Studies have shown that age-based weight determination is statistically equivalent to length-based methods.  The Handtevy System provides you with both options, yet recommends an age-first estimation allowing providers to begin their treatment plan prior to patient contact. However, the length-based tape should be used on children of short or tall stature or those with chronic illnesses to determine estimated weight. 

Does the Handtevy System comply with PALS guidelines?

The Handtevy System is compliant with nationally accepted advanced life support recommendations, adhering specifically to the guideline that recommends a length-based tape.  In addition, our team of EMS and pediatric emergency medicine experts stand ready to assist EMS and hospital systems in maintaining compliance with the latest evidence-based recommendations.

How do I Use Handtevy Contacts?

Discover the full potential of Handtevy Contacts in our quick USER tutorial video. Learn how to access, manage, and utilize special features for efficient communication.

How do I download Handtevy Mobile?

Handtevy Mobile can be downloaded from iTunes, Google Play or the Windows store.  Whether it’s a Toughbook, tablet or personal device, once the App is downloaded to your device it’s ready to use.  You only need a username and password to get started (obtain this from the Handtevy Administrator at your EMS Agency). 

Oops! I forgot my organization’s installation username or password.

We are committed to your security and privacy.  We will be happy to connect with your organization’s Handtevy Administrator to get written approval to give you access to this code to get you back into the Handtevy app ASAP! Please contact us at [email protected].

I forgot my credentials for the Administrator Portal.

Not to worry! Simply click on the “Forgot Password” link, which is located at the bottom right of the sign-in window. Follow the instructions provided, and a temporary password will be dispatched to your designated email address. This will allow you to regain access to your account swiftly.

How do I manage my organization’s Users for my Handtevy application?

Maintaining and organizing your app users is both simple and considered best practice! After signing into your Handtevy Administrator Portal, select the “App Users” option. This section allows you to add, delete, and archive users with ease. For a visual guide on this process, please refer to this brief video:

How do I request modifications for my Handtevy application?

To request modifications to your Handtevy app, please follow the steps in this short video:

Modification requests are usually processed within 2 business days, with urgent requests prioritized. A confirmation email will be sent once modifications are complete or an action is needed, so monitor your inbox.

Can Handtevy assist me if I require help with customization?

Absolutely, that’s our specialty! The Handtevy clinical team is made up of pediatric physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and paramedics. During the customization process, every customer will have the opportunity to interact with a member of our clinical team. We’re highly responsive to your needs and our primary focus is the emergency care of pediatric patients – it’s what we excel at.

How can I customize my Handtevy Mobile application?

The customization process is straightforward. Upon becoming part of the Handtevy family, you will be provided with a questionnaire that helps our team initiate the creation of your personalized Handtevy App. Our clinical team of experts will subsequently arrange a virtual meeting to review and fine-tune your selected medications, concentrations, drips, electrical settings, and equipment. This meticulous customization process sets the Handtevy system apart, emphasizing our commitment to detail and precision.

What should we do if our organization's Handtevy Administrator is no longer with us and we need to assign a new one?

Don’t worry, we’re here to assist you! Please send an email containing the new administrator’s basic details (name, title, email, and phone number) to [email protected] We will promptly contact you to verify and arrange for their setup in our system.

Why can't I see the CPR Assist feature on my Handtevy Mobile platform?

CPR Assist, an advanced metronome feature designed to guide frontline personnel during crucial CPR and defibrillation, is accessible to all Handtevy Mobile users. The Handtevy Administrator within your organization has the authority to add the CPR Assist feature at any time, and this can be done without incurring any additional costs. If you are the Handtevy Administrator for your organization and you are interested in turning on this feature, please contact us at [email protected]

What is the most effective method to implement Handtevy Mobile in my organization?

Without question, we observe the greatest success when organizations participate in the Handtevy Instructor Course. Handtevy’s expert instructors, with decades of hands-on hospital and EMS experience, are well-equipped to pass on the knowledge and skills proven to successfully implement the Handtevy System and enhance patient outcomes.

For more information, please use the links below.
Full Course Catalog
Upcoming Courses

Are Handtevy Courses CAPCE Accredited?

Yes, all Handtevy courses are indeed accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE).

How can I assist Handtevy Users in my organization to stay updated with best practices when using Handtevy Mobile?

Handtevy provides exceptional webinars designed to keep users well-informed. These sessions offer the opportunity to review case-based scenarios using Handtevy Mobile, ensuring that users can stay abreast of the best practices when utilizing the platform. The goal of these webinars is to equip users with best practices when using the application, ensuring optimal utility and facilitating the delivery of quality care. These learning resources are readily available to assist users at your organization.

Please visit our Webinar page to select a session that best suits you or your organization’s needs.
Upcoming Webinars

How do I log-In to the Handtevy Instructor Portal?

On the home screen of the Handtevy website, please locate the “Instructor Login” button on the top right.  Here you will enter your Instructor credentials, and you’re in!

How do I check my instructor status?

To quickly find your Handtevy Instructor Certification Status, please provide your first name, last name, and email address into this form.  Immediately after hitting submit, you will be emailed the initial certification and renewal/expiration dates.

Does Handtevy Mobile handle Protected Health Information (PHI), thereby necessitating HIPAA compliance?

Handtevy Mobile is specifically designed not to contain any Protected Health Information (PHI). This means that while the app provides robust features to support medical professionals, it doesn’t store or process any personal health data that could potentially fall under HIPAA regulations. This approach prioritizes the privacy and security of patient information.

How does Handtevy Mobile App handle security for the data transmitted to Handtevy Cloud?

Data exchanged between Handtevy Mobile and Handtevy Cloud Services is transmitted securely using protocol TLS 1.2. Transmitted data is encrypted using a RSA 2048 bits key and SHA256withRSA algorithm. Data stored by Handtevy Cloud Services is encrypted using the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm.