More Children’s Lives Will Be Saved as Utah Partners with Handtevy for All EMS Agencies in the State

More Children’s Lives Will Be Saved as Utah Partners with Handtevy for All EMS Agencies in the State

The State of Utah has chosen Handtevy to outfit all of their EMS units with the Handtevy resuscitation system of lifesaving tools.

Handtevy, the nation’s leader in pediatric emergency technology, has partnered with the Utah Emergency Services for Children’s program to provide their groundbreaking Handtevy resuscitation system to all Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agencies in the state.

Utah will ensure consistent pediatric emergency care at the highest levels of excellence. The rollout will be paired with Handtevy’s education courses to get the most out of the system and update EMS agencies on the latest in lifesaving techniques. These courses have undergone lengthy review by the Utah Department of Health and are much sought after nationally.

A technology solution known as Handtevy Mobile will also be deployed on many mobile devices, including tablets and cell phones, putting crucial, lifesaving technology at the EMS team’s fingertips. “Handtevy Mobile gave us the fastest dosing solution with the best accuracy. We know seconds are precious and believe Handtevy gives our EMS agencies an edge in saving lives.” Brett Cross, Bureau of EMS and Preparedness.

The core of the Handtevy resuscitation system is their breakthrough Handtevy Mobile application which allows EMS and other emergency healthcare professionals, such as emergency room nurses and physicians, to obtain accurate medication dosing for pediatric emergencies in seconds. These doses are customized around each department’s unique formulary and have saved countless children’s lives across the country.

Included with Handtevy Mobile is their CPR Assist solution which provides high-performance EMS teams an accurate way to perform CPR, defibrillate, and administer accurate medications and equipment with speed, consistency and full event documentation. Together, they put a full pediatric emergency toolkit in the palm of the hand of EMS professionals.

In addition to Handtevy Mobile, hospitals have other Handtevy solutions that integrate seamlessly with leading hospital EHR software packages from Cerner and Epic.

In pediatric emergency situations, seconds count and leading EMS departments count on Handtevy to help them save lives. After passing rigorous testing and evaluation, Utah chose Handtevy Mobile as their premier lifesaving tool.

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