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Paul Banerjee, DO

Medical Director

Polk County Fire Rescue

Handtevy is a process change, it’s a system of care, not just one thing. It teaches how to change what you’re thinking, and change practice. From the time we implemented several years ago our ROSC rates have gone up exponentially. It’s really been a lifetime game changer for Polk County Fire Rescue and our citizens.

Kevin McVaney, MD

Medical Director

Denver Health Paramedic Division

Handtevy is the single best innovation in pediatric care during my entire career.

I think one of the most profound impacts of Handtevy is it has completely changed our culture of how we run pediatric calls. For so long we have been given tools that don’t work. Handtevy is a system that not only gives us all the right tools but the education and psychology to properly care for our kids.

Petar Hossick

Training Captain

Bend Fire and EMS

I’m a huge Handtevy believer. I’ve seen it play out in the field and what it has done for the confidence of my medics… it’s been a landmark change for us. I’ve had nothing but real positive feedback and we use it every couple of days. Handtevy is a must have for all departments.

Charlie Coyle

Training Captain

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue

Dr. Antevy’s Instructor Course is excellent.  It ties the reality of mental stress  that comes with the critical pediatric patient prior to the call,  during the call , and getting to closure following the call and that’s not a very common thing in pre-hospital style courses.  He gives you the comfort of working on kids, and how to deal with the mental aspect that goes along with treating a child which is needed.

Our crews rave about Handtevy,  it makes everything a lot less stressful for our providers and we’ve definitely raised the bar for pediatric care in Palm Beach County without question.

Scott Gilmore, MD

Medical Director

Saint Louis Fire Department

Without reservations, Handtevy is a wonderful system. It’s well thought out and alleviates medical errors. It also helps to relieve the stress that providers experience while dealing with these difficult pediatric calls, which they do not encounter that often.

Marc Conterato, MD

Medical Director

North Memorial Health

We absolutely recommend the Handtevy System. It’s been a wonderful collaboration with the Handtevy team and we’ve learned so much.

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