Standardize the Pediatric Code

Success during a pediatric resuscitation is the direct product of a system of care that standardizes the process with a focus on team dynamics. The Handtevy platform combines customization, education, and EHR integration to give your team the confidence to thrive when treating critically ill and injured children.

The Handtevy System results in improved outcomes, reduction of harm and increased patient safety when caring for our littlest patients.

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Custom Software Management for Pediatric Emergencies

Age and Length-Based 

Start to treat children as proficiently as you treat adults. Handtevy uses age first and length secondarily to determine drug dosing and equipment sizing BEFORE EMS arrives at the ambulance bay..

Dosing in Volume

No more math. The Handtevy team will work with your physicians and pharmacists to create a customized dosing platform.  Let Handtevy serve up hospital approved dosages rapidly during the resuscitation of a critically ill child.

Drips and Infusions

The most complex of calculations occur when making a drip or infusion.  The customized Handtevy System will remove the difficulty many clinicians face.

Equipment Sizing

Do you remember this formula – Age/4 + 4 mm = internal diameter (ID)? We don’t either!  Let the Handtevy platform improve your team’s confidence and proficiency. You deserve it….and so do the patients.


Document the code in real-time and immediately review all interventions prior to submitting to the EHR.  This goes for pre-hospital interventions, triage information, vital signs, the code team and much more.

Submit to EHR

This shouldn’t take hours!  Once the child leaves the unit, a comprehensive code summary, created in real time, integrates directly into your EHR.

Ask us how to send a code summary directly into the EHR from the Handtevy Application.



The critical first step to great resuscitative care is puttng the medical team and pharmacy on the same page.  Before implementation begins, hospital teams utilize Handtevy’s cloud-based medication management software to customize medication & equipment guides. This one time process, accomplished using a streamlined interface, tailors all medication and equipment exactly to your specifications.  Our expert team of pediatric physicians, pharmacists and clinical coordinators support you the entire way!


You have completed the customization process, you are ready for Handtevy Mobile! This client-only platform is the first of its kind to utilize customized medication dosing on a mobile platform that can then integrate seamlessly into the patient’s medical record.  Hospital teams can now provide rapid and accurate dosing, while documenting their care in real time.


The Handtevy platform is based on an educational foundation that is focused on the treatment of critically ill and injured children.  The Handtevy Pediatric Course is used to train nurse educators who can then educate front line nurses and physicians on the Handtevy System.  The training utilizes the principle of crew resource management (CRM) in order to reduce errors and prevent medication errors.  This is the first course of its kind that combines a customized resuscitation system with hospital specific training.


National hospital regulations require the use of a code cart and it’s our assumption that your hospital is in compliance with this requirement.  However, how the cart is stocked, its contents, and the associated costs are often overlooked.  Let the Handtevy team provide expert consultation regarding optimal utilization of your existing code cart.  We create alignment between the clinical factors and financial costs of your system.

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Pediatric Emergency Standards Inc. does not make clinical or medical decisions.  The Handtevy System is intended to be utilized as a guide only.  Provider's experience and training should be the final determinant of clinical treatment decisions. 

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