Introducing Handtevy Hospital

Your littlest patients need you to be precise, attentive, and rapid when time is critical

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Our Platform


 An intuitive application that provides you with lifesaving dosing information while documenting in real time


HIPAA Compliant

We keep your sensitive information safe in our fully secure, HIPAA compliant platform


Integrates seamlessly into leading EHR platforms so you can manage care in your everyday environment

Easily Accessible

At your workstation or on the go, you can access your Handtevy application on any desktop, iOS, or Android device

Key Features

Streamlined Dosing & Equipment

The Handtevy team works with your physicians and pharmacists to create a dosing platform that is tailored to your hospital. Your clinical team retains complete control of the drugs and equipment listed and the Handtevy software takes care of the rest. Handtevy serves up hospital approved dosages rapidly during the resuscitation of a critically ill child in the volume you need. No more complex math calculations, wasted time and subobptimal outcomes. The Handtevy platform improves your team’s confidence and proficiency. You deserve it….and so do the patients

CPR Documenter

Resuscitating children is not an easy task due to the emotion and anxiety involved.  Documenting the code is an entirely more complex matter and often critical elements of the case never end up in the medical record.  Handtevy’s Code Documenter has solved that problem by allowing for one-click documentation of critical events such as CPR (start/stop), epinephrine, defibrillation and any rhythm changes.  Every event then is listed in chronological order in the final Code Summary that is being generated in real-time.

Handtevy on the Go

Hospital teams can use Handtevy mobile anywhere in the hospital as a reference tool during critical events such as a rapid response or code blue alert. This arm of the Handtevy platform can be used on any smartphone or tablet, does not contain PHI and does not integrate into the EHR. A summary document can be retrieved and used for post-event documentation

Integrates seamlessly into your EHR

Handtevy integrates seamlessly into major EHR platforms powered by SMART® and FHIR® technologies. Proven to save time, improve safety, and enhance patient outcomes, Handtevy can be rapidly deployed with minimal resources to optimize performance and safety while treating critically ill and injured children all while standardizing care throughout your entire health system.

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Pediatric Emergency Standards Inc. does not make clinical or medical decisions.  The Handtevy System is intended to be utilized as a guide only.  Provider's experience and training should be the final determinant of clinical treatment decisions. 

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