Podcast By: Overrun Productions   August 5th, 2019. 

Episode 42: Dr. Peter Antevy's Pediatric Pearls

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Dr. Peter Antevy joins Ed to discuss a few pearls about pediatric care and resuscitation in the field. Dr. Antevy wears many hats in EMS and has served as the medical director for Davie fire rescue, Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Rescue, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue. Additionally, he is the President of the Greater Broward EMS Medical Directors’ Association, the 2018 NAEMT Medical Director of the Year, a JEMS top-ten innovator of 2015, and an attending pediatric emergency physician at Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, FL.

Are kids just small adults? How do we handle a pediatric cardiac arrest scene? How involved should parents be in the care of the acutely ill child? Is Ketamine safe to use on children (Spoiler: yes.) These and many more questions are discussed. 

Dr. Antevy’s videos and protocols can be found here

2008 Pediatric Emergency Care- Ketamine study

Ideal Ketamine Dosage for Pediatric Sedation

Pediatric Consideration in Clinical Microbiology