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WHEN A CHILD DIES: THE PARENTS’ PERSPECTIVE. They’re often forgotten on their worst day—how can EMS help?

By Peter Antevy, MD

EMS World. January 2020 | VOL. 49, NO.1

A 6-year-old boy was playing in the street in front of his house when his father hurriedly put the car in reverse and accidentally ran him over. The scene was awful in every sense, mostly because the child suffered a head injury incompatible with life. The rescue and engine arrived and immediately focused on treating the child, yet quickly recognized the severity of the skull injury and that further care would be futile.

The father watched in horror. He stood there alone, screaming and crying, but what he needed most he did not receive: The crews that arrived on scene were pre-pared to treat the child but did not have the skill set to speak to the dad.

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