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Handtevy Hospital


Handtevy is an award-winning pediatric resuscitation system designed for clinicians to rapidly access customized, accurate dosing while efficiently documenting code interventions in real-time.


Hospital teams are at the greatest risk when treating critically ill patients. Medication dosing and equipment sizing are difficult tasks to complete quickly and efficiently because standard processes are abandoned during a code (e.g. Computerized physician order entry (CPOE), pharmacist verification, barcode scanning). Code documentation is often done with pen and paper and back-filled into the EMR hours later. Handtevy Hospital streamlines the entire process by providing pre-determined, custom dosing and equipment information and enabling real-time electronic documentation with EMR integration (satisfying EMRAM Stage 7). With Handtevy Hospital, code teams function at the highest level to maximize patient outcomes.


Use Cases

  • An ED physician calls for Fosphenytoin for an actively seizing 5-year-old child. Using Handtevy, the Medication Nurse quickly verifies all medication dosages and easily accesses mixing instructions while the Documentation Nurse rapidly documents all interventions in real-time.
  • A 2-year-old child goes into cardiac arrest while on the pediatric floor and the physician leads the team to initiate CPR. The Documentation Nurse activates Handtevy’s CPR documenter and accurately documents compressions (start/stop), epinephrine, defibrillation attempts, the heart rhythm, and time ROSC is obtained.
  • The OR and ICU teams are notified of a 13-year-old trauma patient being treated in the ED with a large liver laceration that requires emergent surgery. While preparing the OR, the surgical team can view all ED interventions in real-time in the Handtevy Application, giving them a complete and clear summary of all medications administered and procedures performed.
  • physician in the adult ED is treating a 65-year-old female that has a severe exacerbation of her CHF. The physician intubates, administers several medications, and documents in real-time with Handtevy allowing for code room efficiency.


Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet


Version Details

Millennium 2015.01.19 or newer required

Compatible with PowerChart, FirstNet and MPages Workflow



Key Features



Intuitive Resuscitation Workflows

Streamlines workflows for the complexity and speed of the code room. Access customized dosing, medication and electrical information while rapidly documenting all interventions in real time.



CPR Documenter

Ensure accurate capture of critical events such as CPR (start/stop), epinephrine, defibrillation and rhythm changes with Handtevy Hospital’s quick-click documenter.



Resuscitation Clinical Support

Provide your clinical teams with accurate dosing and equipment sizing for children of any age or weight with one touch, rather than navigating through multiple screens and dropdown menus. Handtevy Hospital ensures that the final patient record is timely, accurate and easily understood.


Real-Time Code Summary

Creates a comprehensive code summary that is immediately accessible to all downstream clinical teams allowing for safe and continuous care. Actionable summaries are reviewed and utilized by pharmacy for billing, and by medical leadership for continuous quality improvement.