North Memorial Celebrates Technology First [CCX Media Minnesota]

Jan 5, 2016 | Broadcast

Brooklyn Center, MN — Emily Raguse — North Memorial Health Care is the first in the state to use a certain kind of technology to treat pediatric patients. The technology is used in North Memorial helicopters and ambulances. –You hear it all the time, seconds count during an emergency. Dealing with children in critical situations takes it up a notch.

“Fortunately we don’t get kids who are extremely sick very often, but when we do they need help very fast,” said Dr. John Lyng, medical director for North Memorial Ambulance and Air Care.

North Memorial now uses the Handtevy system, software technology that allows EMTs and paramedics to get medications to its youngest patients faster.

“Any type of condition for a child that you can think of we are able to treat more effectively now,” said Dr. Lyng.

Lyng says North Memorial used to rely on paper materials, which made it more difficult to quickly calculate proper dosages of medicine. With the new technology all the information is available on each emergency person’s electronic tablet.

“This does all the math for them so they don’t need to try and do a square root or long division or any other type of stressful mathematical equation in a stressful situation.”

The EMTs with North Memorial are the first in Minnesota to use the new technology.

“The paramedics love it. They feel much more comfortable taking care of kids,” said Dr. Lyng.

Luckily they’ve only needed to use the new technology a handful of times, but it’s made the process go more smoothly.

“It’s the communication factor. It’s the consistency of care factor across the system. It improves our ability to provide safer care.”

The new technology is being used in North Memorial ambulances and helicopter. They’re hoping to eventually integrate it into the hospital as well.

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